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Whether it is visiting family or friends, or just being able to do the simple things in life that others take for granted - like shopping, it's all about the quality of life and having the means to be independent - that's precisely what a Wheelchair & Scooter Accessible Vehicle (WAV) offers you. The ability to go out - when and where you, want to go!

Owning a WAV outright gives you the control to ensure that nothing impinges on your mobility in the future giving you added peace of mind.

A second-hand car is a cost-effective option for all these customers. The vast majority of M & T vehicles are one owner, ex-Motability vehicles, fully converted, with low mileage, and a full manufacturer's service history.

All conversions have been adapted and usually include - Lightweight rear ramps, side doors (easy access), and inertia front straps and rear wheelchair/scooter tie-downs - ensure the occupant's safety. All these alterations and adaptions have been completed by specialist 'converters' who are all approved, warranted and whom have met - all the high UK Government/Manufactures standards. 

Keeping mobile is a challenge for all of those with a disability, but the option of owning a WAV outright has made getting back on the road a far easier prospect. Most importantly -  it allows some independence.

The vast majority of used vehicles are 1 owner, low mileage, with Full Service History. All the used WAVS are already converted with side doors for easy access and lightweight ramps, for ease, and wheelchair/Scooter Tie-downs.

It may well be that we do not have what you are looking for in stock - if that is the case please call and discuss your requirements because we have access and the ability to source, pretty much any vehicle or used WAV you may require.

VAT may be applicable (at the prevailing rate)  if the vehicle is not for an individual or if the 'individual' is not dependent upon a wheelchair for mobility.(All of our vehicles are priced excluding VAT)

Supplying all your needs in the Surrey and greater South East area - For more information or a friendly chat to discuss your needs, please contact Mark on 07836 330999 .